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The Biggest Obstacle To Change

“The biggest obstacle to change is that most people want to do tomorrow what they did well yesterday.” -Bill Clinton

Whether we like it or not, we are living and working in a time of great transition and change; a time in which what was true yesterday is not necessarily true today, or even this minute. True, we always have the option to pull the covers over our heads, or bury our heads in the sand – to just keep doing tomorrow what we did well yesterday.

We can pretend that things aren’t changing much – and that we’ll somehow progress and thrive without a digital network that links us to everyone else in the world in a nanosecond. But even as we attempt to hide from it, change continues on without us. It moves and morphs into things we could before only dream of – reshaping the way the world communicates, thrives and ultimately lives.

It’s easy to see why this kind of change is so scary to some people. For one thing, it requires a whole new way of thinking – about just about everything. Remember that it was only a few years ago when cassette players replaced 8-tracks, when computers took over where typewriters left off, and when critical healthcare information was much farther away than the touch of a computer key.

Yes, a time of rapid change can be a bit unsettling. But, it’s also a wonderful time for a lot of reasons. For instance, did you know that in 1900, the average life expectancy was 47 for men and 48 for women? Healthcare advances have added another 30 years to our life spans, and scientists fully expect coming advances to add even more time to that. What are we going to do with all of that time? In this decade, we’ll probably spend a lot of it playing catch-up – hopefully becoming more and more adaptable as we go.

How can you move from catching up to the curve to getting beyond the curve? First, remember that to change means to grow, to arise from what you once were and become what you always hoped or intended to be.

What are you doing right now to assure that you change through ongoing personal and professional development? Human nature wants a guarantee that if we do everything right we will be able to succeed and at some point rest on our laurels. There is no such guarantee in this new rulebook of change. However, if you are educated, well informed, embrace and stay abreast of the changes impacting your sphere of influence, you will continue to have a great impact and achieve a consistently exciting and richly rewarding future.

One thing is for sure – if you don’t learn how to grow with change, your progress will be hampered, your dreams delayed or never realized at all. As you by now have figured out, the biggest obstacle to change is resistance to it - refusal to transform and grow. I challenge you to go with the flow and enjoy the interesting places change takes you. Your success and your future lie within change – not against it..

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